E loves green beans!

First parent-free day at school

Today was the first day that Clover was at school, without us as part of the transition. We hung out a couple of days last week, and by all accounts, e was going to adjust fine.

We get a daily report of what happened during the day, so that makes great daily-ish updates!

Today, Clover played with water colors, and pushed around a squirrel bike on the playground. I got there during nap, because we weren’t sure e was gonna go for it, but Clover ended up resting just fine. I gave it a 50/50 chance. I think they have a brisk pace, and the other children help tire em out.

What surprised me was how chillaxed e was for the rest of the day. Now, if I can just stop checking every couple of minutes for where Clover is while I am at home by myself…

Sick butt

Sicky babby

Pretty sure Clover is never going to forgive me for posting these… or taking them. ^_^



I know I am behind and have past photos to post, but I had to get this set up, from last night. ^_^


Eatin’ noodle

Here is Clover, really nommin’ on spaghetti (not an easy word to spell!).